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The therapists below have expertise in helping girls who struggle with gender dysphoria. They espouse liberal values BUT are critical of transgender movement.

 Linda Calder, MA, LLP describes herself as “a psychologist who works with trans identified teens encouraging them to explore their decisions with self-discovery, knowledge and truth.”

She is based outside of Detroit, MI. She may be reached by email:

Sasha Ayad is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in TX who works with children between the ages of 11 and 18. Contact her at

I’ve spent the last several years doing research on gender identity, gender dysphoria, and medical transition I’ve worked with teens and adults who have lived through challenging experiences around these issues. I’ve developed a unique approach to helping kids who struggle with their gender: I use non-judgmental, compassionate, dialogue that focuses on exploration rather than immediately seeking to affirm and transition your child.

Kaitlin Staples, MA, ATR-BC, LPC, is a registered board certified art therapist and licensed professional counselor in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania working with tweens, teens, and adults. You may contact her here:

I have many years of experience working with addictions, eating disorders, relational trauma, family dysfunction, depression, and anxiety. I am an active member of the eating disorder and body image communities. In the eating disorder community, we have recognized for some decades now that the nature of body image issues and eating disorders stem from a symbolic connection to the individual’s internal world. I have been working with tweens and teens in agency settings for a few years now, and as I have listened to more and more stories of ROGD and trans teens I have recognized so many common threads to that of eating disorders and body dysphoria in general. These threads have led me to further working with this population. 

 In my private practice, I now work with teens/tweens and their parents to help repair relationship ruptures and create space for a symbolic understanding of all that is happening internally and externally. My approach aims to make sure all involved in the process are seen, heard, and understood. Our process will explore all angles with an organic and fluid approach leaving no stone unturned. I help to create space and time to make informed and conscious decisions. Through artwork, dreamwork, and traditional verbal psychotherapy we will explore beneath the surface of the individual to uncover the roots of dysphoria. While I of course support the LGBTQ community, I recognize that there is a recent epidemic of “social contagion” within the adolescent community and we need to proceed with caution and care to avoid permanent damage to those seeking transition.

Kaitlin offers both in-person and virtual therapy to patients in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Anne Rettenberg, LCSW is an Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She practices psychotherapy in San Rafael, CA and works with adults, including parents of children questioning their gender identity. She is trained in family and couples counseling. She may be contacted here:


Anne finished her MSW at New York University in 1991 and worked in mental health clinics and substance abuse treatment facilities prior to starting private practice. She is also a consultant to a state agency.  Anne has been in private practice since 2001. 

 “My perspective comes from psychodynamic and family systems theories, and from feminist theory. I’m opposed to unnecessary medical procedures. I am a humanist as well as a feminist, and I believe in compassion for the body and in taking a holistic approach to healthcare.”  Anne conducts in-person individual, couple and family sessions.