The Save James Fight Continues

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The Battle Continues. The Original article can be accessed here

James Mother is yet again trying to remove Jeff from James life despite having a judge removed from the case and a new Judge being appointed. The new case will be heard online on the 27th April 2020. The Save James Younger fight continues in other to save this child from life altering surgeries, His dad is facing $5k in fees a month in from the doctor who originally mis-diagnosed James with Gender dysphoria. They keep trying to bankrupt him into submission. We need the media to keep track of this case and get it updated regularly.  Jeff younger is under a gag order and can’t answer any questions however You may be able to contact the  via messenger with questions. This is run by a 3rd party as Jeff is unable to have anything to do with the media.  After having the their Go Fund me Frozen and Unfrozen multiple times by Go Fund Me, it has badly affected their ability to raise funds so they have switched out to

They need donations and backing to the tune of $500,000 to end this once and for all. Anything you can do Share the social media, Donate, pass this to another Journalist if you feel it’s no good to you. Either ways, you would be a great help.  
#SaveJames #ProtectJamesYounger #letkidsbekids #medicalchildabuse  
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