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Hello,  My name is Brenton Netz and I am the father of Miles, a 10-year-old boy with autism.

Against my wishes and established parental authority, Miles is currently undergoing transgender counseling. The counseling is to try and convince him that he is a little girl named Miley.

Miles has recently reached Stage 2 on the Tanner Scale or Sexual Maturity Rating (SMR). SMR is a scale of physical development in children, adolescents and adults. The scale defines physical measurements of development based on external primary and secondary sex characteristics.

As Miles has reached this stage, I have been told he is ready for puberty blockers.

I cannot let his happen. My son is only 10 years old. He has been ensnared in a gender dysmorphic culture that disproportionately affects children with autism, like Miles, due to their highly impressionable and obsessive personalities.


In Texas, there has recently been a widely-publicized legal battle between the parents of a seven-year- old boy. The father is attempting to stop the boy’s mother from allowing dangerous and untested hormonal therapies (like puberty blockers) to be administered to their child.

You can read about that case here:

My son and I are in a similar situation. Miles’s mother has had him in therapy at a sexual and gender medicine clinic since he was seven years old.

Because he has reached stage 2 on the SMR, according to the experts at the gender clinic, a treatment of puberty blockers is considered the next “standard of care” for my child who has allegedly been diagnosed with “persistent and well-documented gender dysphoria”. This round of treatment will lead to the administration of female hormones and eventual sex-reassignment surgery.

I do not believe that my son is transgender and should not continue with these treatments. At a minimum, as his father, my thoughts and wishes regarding this matter need to be heard.

I have started this fundraiser in the hopes of gathering donations to be used for legal expenses including competent legal representation, child-care expenses, and other day-to-day expenses required for this legal battle.

Please considering donating. Any amount is greatly appreciated. Learn more about Miles on our various social media sites:


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