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How to talk to your kids, alternate and non-medical ways to manage gender dysphoria, and much more

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Finding the Right Therapist for Your Trans-identified Teen by Sasha Ayad – Link

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Gaslighting the Concerned Parents of Trans Children—A Psychotherapist’s View (advice toward end) – Link

Alternate ways to manage GD

Managing Gender Dysphoria/Incongruence in Young People: A Guide for Health Practitioners – National Association of Practising Psychiatrists (Australia) – Link

A Message of Hope for Dysphoric Young People, From Five Anonymous Detransitioners – Link

I am a butch lesbian. I live with gender dysphoria. – Link

Post-Trans’ information booklet on detransition – Link 

Advice from Jungian therapist Lisa Marchiano – should I take testosterone? – Link

Period management: IUDs and birth control pills

Gender Exploratory Model (GEM) – Link

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